Ceramic & Stone creates timeless beauty!

In the world of ceramic tile & stone, one measurement sets us worlds apart.

A Solid choice in products and the knowledge to help you with every decision from a backsplash to flooring! Welcome to Weber Flooring/Joe’s Carpet and the world of ceramic tile & Stone.

Something old but very new. Ceramic tile & stone has been around for centuries, and with today’s technology manufacturers have created new design and application possibilities that were not available a decade ago.

If you have never lived with ceramic tile or stone before or if it has been a long time since you have done so, you will be amazed at the wide selection of colors, sizes, shapes and new textures that are now available.

Installation of Tile & Stone requires Artisan experience to do the job right. We have specialists who ensure that your product will be installed to last and look beautiful.

Ceramic Tile & Stone offers durability along with a clean choice in living. The extensive range of colors, textures, sizes and styles will allow you to reflect your personal style, to create a living space that is a true reflection of you and your lifestyle.

If ceramic tile or stone is a possibility, we invite you to explore the vast options on beautifying your home with ceramic tile & stone from Weber/Joe’s.

The Brands We Carry: